Paroles album « WHY NOT? »

Pathways (A. Pannetier / J. Pannetier) Sand dunes, and the glitter of stars, Night air dancing, my dreams travel far, Beauty in hope, I wander without fear, I’ll dance with you, in a minute or a year.   Spices I feel, the heat of the sun, Daylight escaping the glimpse of a song, Cedar wood […]

Paroles album « L »

Loin si loin (Musica / Paraulas : A. Pannetier) Loin, si loin… Bien longtemps qu’je marchais Sur mon chemin j’espérais te trouver All of the day, most of the night Travelled my way, where it seemed right All of the day, most of the night A journey some say, is only inside Luenh, tan luenh, […]